Learning to be grateful

A memory popped up today on Facebook. Only 3 years ago I was a published author. I had launched a book with other women in Paris about living and loving as a ‘successful women in Paris’. ‘A successful Paris Photographer’   Until today this moment had disappeared from my memory, it was so forgotten in my mind. Moments pass by in the blink of an eye. Don’t they?  

It had me thinking about how we are constantly waiting for that thing that will make us happy;  ‘ that new home’ ‘a partner’ ‘that new coat’ ‘that holiday’ ‘that new portfolio shoot’ ‘that new job’ ‘that whatever it is’ you’re spending every moment waiting for, in hope of it making our lives better.  Hoping that it will progress us in life and finally we’ll be so happy. But all of that … ‘That too shall pass’ Like the little challenges in life do. Being grateful however for where you are in this moment and appreciating all you have around you brings much more sustained happiness.

Being grateful that you can hear the birds singing out of the window in the morning. Being grateful for the small moments in life, these are the precious moments … snuggles in the morning… with your lover or your cat   That you have a yummy breakfast… mmmm chocolate smoothie…. That you have a roof over your head!  Being grateful takes practice, as most of us have practiced complaining our entire lives… we learned very well how to complain by listening to others. But learning to be grateful brings more of what we want into our lives; joy, love and happiness. As we strive for the next thing and being sick and tired of where we are; we are de-valuing our dreams where we are now. At some-point this too was a dream. Appreciate and be grateful for every little moment or thing you can think of and everything you have now.

Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for. Zig Ziglar

I never forget a little job I had working for a commercial photographers back in the day!  They asked me to go out and get library shots of my home town and the local area for a brochure and stock purposes. I remember thinking ‘ Are you having a joke!!’. ‘This town in a brochure?. Who’s going to want to see our town and come here. As if!!!’    I was wanting to impress my boss…  so I smiled and headed out trying to look at my town through different eyes to try and see something to capture.  I needed to see enough beauty that someone, somewhere in the world would want to visit our town. Sure enough after a while I would notice all the beauty I had never noticed before. I noticed the history, the pretty old buildings against the blue sky that day. The flowers growing; that had been someones job to plant them for us to enjoy. And much more. I went back to office after an entire day shooting pretty perspectives and details that would fill a potential brochure. I was pretty proud.

 It’s amazing what you see when you open your eyes to a positive perspective. Take a moment to ‘stop and smell the roses’.




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