“A book should either allow us to escape existence or teach us how to endure it.” Samuel Johnson 

Love stories, take us momentarily out of our own world and on a journey into the challenges and magic of another. We can feel them as if they are our own. We can laugh and smile in their love or cry in their loss. It touches our hearts as if we loved as they did. We take away the lessons they teach, and that gives us hope in the belief that love will find us too. Love is possible. Love is waiting to claim us, to make us whole. Because life without love is meaningless.

It was love stories; their challenges and successes that taught me to want love.  To believe a happy ever after is possible for me too. And it was 5 years after starting my journey in wedding photography when love found me ….. at a wedding. 

”The moment you meet someone is the moment you give up searching”

It was on the 19th July 15 I declared to my journal ‘’I’ve decided it is time to give up on looking for mr right. A nice man will walk in to my life in his own unique way when it’s the right time’’ 

On the 24th July a mere 5 days later, a nice man (Chris of Zen Film Works) walked into my life whilst I was photographing a wedding in Paris. He has stayed in my life ever since.

Chris was filming the wedding.

There was a moment during the day, where our hands accidentally touched. Life slowed down like slow-mo in a film. It felt like electricity, like a sign that shakes you up and says pay attention!  I looked up at him… and in that moment, I knew that the universe had played cupid.

It was magic.

Then he looked at me and giggled saying ”Are you trying to hold my hand?”  I laughed …turning away a rosy shade of pink. 

I had this incredible curiosity about him. It felt like I had already known him. We were destined to meet when the time was right. When I was ready to receive true love.  

The next day he sent me a message with 5 bisous (kisses) at the end. I assumed it was just him being friendly and charming. That’s his way. But a lunch date later, the rest is a magical story. A journey of discovering what love really is, learning to how to receive love, laughing, adventuring and capturing love stories with my best friend.