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Montmartre Guided Tour – A Photographers Dream

Things do do in Paris – Montmartre Guided Tour 


When we think Montmartre, we think climbing the steps leading up to the front of the Sacre Coeur and turning our heads around to admire the great view of Paris.

We think the beyond crowded artist square, where I learnt that the artists actually have to audition to be there. Interesting fact number 1.

We think the Moulin Rouge… seen that…walked past that a ton of times but what goes on inside? I had no idea!   We all know our favourite french film Amelie was filmed in Montmartre too… but still, Paris is huge and I haven’t had the opportunity to truly explore the little corners. I’ve wanted to explore Montmarte for quite a while now, personally and also to discovers new locations for my portrait sessions.

So what better way to discover Montmartre than to book a guided tour…  I’ve never been on a guided tour before, I’ve always been one to go on my own adventures and explore through losing myself in new place. So I wasn’t quiet sure what to expect…..

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